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Tanzee pillow cases- 2 pack

The original Tanzee pillowcase protector is a multipurpose pillowcase made from a vegan-friendly microfibre art silk fabric.

  • Multipurpose
  • Come in sets of 2
  • High-quality Microfiber Art Silk
  • 2 beautiful colours available
  • 100% Vegan friendly

Use as your every day pillowcases to provide benefits to your hair and skin, or slip it over your current pillowcase for extra protection from self-tan residue, face masks, skin treatments, overnight hair masks and more.

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Q. Care instructions
To ensure your pillowcases continue to provide blissful sleeping, it is important to know how to care for them. Wash your pillowcases separately in a machine or by hand in cool water. If you want to be extra careful, we’d recommend using a delicates bag. Keep in mind wear and tear is to be expected and your pillowcases will not last forever, however by following these steps you can prolong the life of them.

Q. What size are they?
Our pillowcases are standard Australian sizes measuring approximately 48 x 73 cm

Q.What are they made of?
Tanzee pillowcases are made from a 100% vegan-friendly, high-quality Microfiber Art Silk fabric. Unlike other fabrics, Tanzee’s Microfiber Art Silk fabric does not draw excess amounts of moisture from your hair and skin. Instead, your skin and hair will stay moisturized for longer and your self tan, face masks and overnight creams will stay on you – not your bed sheets.

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